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A Little Reading

This Week- September 25th through October 3rd is Banned Books Week. You might not realize how often great works of literature are banned from classrooms, and so Classic Coup, the T-Shirt company I design for, has a special tee urging everyone to read banned books. Cindy, creator of Classic Coup made a post yesterday on the CC blog that is very well written- i urge you to check it out, and maybe if you feel moved, buy our super cute green tee, click HERE for the shop :)
Speaking of reading, for some reason this summer had put me in a funk of not reading and i'm finally out of it. Sitting on my nightstand i'm halfway through Freedom, a little bit into Friday Night Knitting Club and about to start the last in the Hunger Games series- Mockingjay. It feels good to be reading again.

On the pregnancy front i feel like i just popped out this week. We took this photo yesterday. The robot prints came in to go above the crib and i LOVE them! :) I'm starting to get really excited that our trip is only a week and a half away- but i still have so much planning to do!!

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