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Fun with Friends

Several weeks ago Zona Rosa had it's annual art festival and since it was a beautiful night we invited our friends Mindy & Mike to stroll around with us and have dinner at Noodles & Co.- i'm a big fan, especially since lately i can't eat a normal portion size or i feel like i'm going to explode, Noodles' small dish size are perfect for me. We walked around and looked at the vendors displays and enjoyed some yogurtini, which is also delish!. I had just gotten the new 50mm lens at the time so i was playing around with it, and i can't help but look back at these pics of their little boy and wonder if ours will look similar to him. Matt said he had that same color hair when he was young :) Regardless their kids are cute. Did i mention that i love that Zona Rosa is a stones throw from my house, SO convenient.

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