Happy Halloween. 25 Weeks - Handmade in the Heartland

Happy Halloween. 25 Weeks

A Baker with a Bun in the Oven

Last night our friends Sam and James had a fun Halloween party, so despite our inability to get our internal clocks adjusted we made costumes and headed on over, and we were glad we did we love our friends here in KC! Since we got home on Thursday night we haven't quite been able to get our bodies back on track with our central time zone. we arrived home at 6:30 pm on Thursday night feeling like it was 7 hours later- 1:30 in the morning. We managed to stay up until 9pm but woke up at 4 am completely awake, so we caught up on some of our missed tv for the next few hours before Matt headed into work. Friday night wasn't much better, i couldn't make it past 8pm and Matt stayed up till 10, we both woke up at 5am again. Finally last night we stayed up till 10 and slept till 7 this morning. I'm thinking that tonight will be a normal night of sleep, finally.

I realize i haven't done a pregnancy update in quite a while, so here are few things that have been happening in the baby world.
I got home Thursday night and Friday had my 24 week appointment, i had a huge list of things that had been happening while we were away & before that i wanted to ask the doc about, and as i had figured they are all common things, so no need to worry, but here was the list:

1. Feet hurting SO bad, probably due to the amount of walking, but seriously they felt like they were ripping apart from the inside out. no joke
2. Waking up in the middle of the night with my hands and feet "asleep"
3. Heart racing, usually only for a small bit in the morning &/or night
4. CRAZY horrible calf cramps that make jump out of bed and scream like a crazy woman in the middle of the night.

All in all though i am doing really great, seriously. I just needed to get past 18 weeks, after that hump i feel like a different person. My energy is back and i keep saying that we picked the best possible time in the pregnancy to go on our trip. Earlier would have been bad and much later would have been seriously uncomfortable. Speaking of the trip i'll start all the posts tomorrow. I've been sitting here going through over 2000 pictures!

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