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Lots of Cute New Things

So I have 3 hours to pack, shower and make sure we have everything for our trip, and i have spent all morning updated my etsy store- yes i'm a procrastinator, and now i'm updating the blog! ha. I had to update everything before i left because i just submitted my application for Renegade Handmade Caft Show in Chicago in December, its juried so who knows if i'll get in, but i'm crossing my fingers! If you havent noticed i updated my buttons at the top and added a "Store" button, its my etsy store, feel free to stop by and take a looksie. I just finished a lot of things yesterday. Here are a few photos of what i've been working on. I am especially excited to wear the new bow headbands around Paris :)

So for now tshus, Au revoir, I'll see you at the end of October! :)

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