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Spin Pizza

Since we know our lives are quite drastically changing in no less than 5 months we have been taking every opportunity to live it up- hence the trip to Europe (which is next week!AH) and this last Friday we tried out a new restaurant. We had eaten something small a few hours before so we weren't starving and only ordered one pizza, but i will say that i would for sure go back to Spin Pizza. With a super creative menu, a perfect location near the K.C Rep, which we were going to after to see our first show of the season, SAVED, and very cool atmosphere i would def. recommend this hip little spot to anyone. It was almost a slightly faster version of PizzaBella, which i'm also a big fan of. We had a goat cheese, carmelized onion & fig marmalade pizza- so delish. I loved their huge wall menu when you walk in, i'm still wondering if hammerpress did it, it looks like their work. The restaurant is set up in an quick and friendly way- you order at the front and pay and then a hostess seats you and they bring you your drinks and food- which did make it seem a little faster than going through the tradition server, and it saves the time at the end of the meal where your waiting on your check and then waiting to get the check back- my most hated part of a meal, for some reason when i'm done eating i just want to leave! So i highly recommend Spin if your south of the plaza and hungry :)

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