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Postcard from Switzerland & the South of France

I can't even begin to tell you all that we have done in the past 5 days, the posts when i get home are going to be filled with SO many photos, but i will say we have had a fabulous time. Switzerland definitely stole my heart, and we loved the French Riveria- Nice especially. The past several days we have done quite a bit of driving between lots of small french cities and towns through the coast and provence, it has been really fun to see all the beautiful different landscapes. However, we made a stop in Marseille that lasted about 2 minutes. As we drove into the city we noticed that there were piles, i mean HUGE piles of trash on the streets, when we parked near a beautiful view of the harbor and got out i couldn't handle the smell and we weren't even near a trash pile! It seems the Marsielle trash department is on strike and has been for some time from what we could tell, the entire city was a landfill, so disgusting and sad. Fom what fodors said and what we saw it could have been a neat city. We took a few photos and got back in the car and drove on. Poor Marsielle has become a stinky city.

We feel like we have been gone forever and its starting to feel like time to go home, well i guess it should since we leave in a day and half. We love french bakeries and all the goodies they are filled with, why don't we have more of these at home? As you can see above the bump is growing, life is starting to become more uncomfortable- thats a 24 week shot, not looking forward to the 8 hour flight home. See you all Thursday evening!

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