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28 Weeks

Yesterday i hit 28 weeks! I have officially hit the 3rd trimester. wow. the 2nd trimester flew by. During the time we actually have been home we've been getting ready for baby around here. After my showers in Nashville i've been going over everything that we got and what we still need. Once of my favorite things is our high chair. I am in love with it. I honestly believe it will last through all the kids i could possibly want to have, it's solid wood, easy to clean, and it matches my kitchen :) It's the Keekaroo Height Right Chair. Thanks Mom! (it also comes in fun colors, and as tempted as i was to get the green i held back because i could possibly change decor in the future)

I'm also thinking that the My Brest Friend nursing pillow and the Moby Wrap that i recieved are going to be put to great use. Matt and i put some extra shelves up in the nursery closet last night and as we were organizing we tried out the moby wrap, which as complicated as it looks is really not difficult at all.
The nursery still needs a lot of TLC but I'm kind of saving all of those projects for January since i know it's going to probably feel like the longest month of my life...
I have big plans though. Big Big plans :)
First we have the crib and wall color finished. I'm using the fabrics in the photo below for everything from a diaper bag, crib skirt, sheets, nursing cover, wipes case, burp cloths.. you get the picture. I also think i still really want THIS ikea white and yellow stripe fabric for the long curtains, and then i'll line them with blackout fabric. We decided that we are going to make a trip to see Matt's brother & sister-in-law in Minnesota for New Years so we can also go to Ikea. I want THIS dresser for my changing table, and THIS bookshelf for his room, and THIS chair from shopko (which store kansas city doesn't have either!) Just a note that is driving me crazy, at almost every ikea location my dresser is out of stock. I might go insane if they don't have it when we go. I love it and haven't been able to find anything else like it. Please don't discontinue is all i can think in my head.
Within the last week it has been amazing to see & feel the difference in the baby's movement. Seriously in like a week it went from feeling him only really at night to ALL the time. And i LOVE to sit and watch my belly move, its so crazy. The night before i left for New York was the first time Matt saw & felt the baby move, before that the little bean was just too quick. It was a really fun moment.

The belly is getting bigger all the time but i'm still feeling like i haven't gained much anywhere else, which is amazing, but maybe that's just my positivity talking. I've been going to bed around 9 or 10, and not taking naps during the day, for some reason i just can't bring myself to take a nap, i feel too lazy. My feet still hurt a bit, and i still have the racing heart at times which is so unnerving, but i have plenty of energy and i very much feel a huge nesting urge. Yesterday i got all the Christmas decor out, we are going to UT to see Matt's family for Thanksgiving and i wanted to have it all done before we left, so check that off my list! :)

I'm almost done with all our Christmas shopping, last week i did a bunch of online ordering for things after i looked through the Real Simple December issue's Gift Guide, which is always filled with SO many great ideas and i couldn't help but order THESE adorable converse for the little bean. They are penguins! If you know me, you know i love a penguin :) i ordered them in size 6 so he'll be able to wear them longer.

Happy Turkey Week!

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