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Home Sweet Home.

Photos are in Paris. Isn't my husband the cutest ever! :)

After 17 days gone, 7 countries visited, 1700 miles driven and over 2000 stairs climbed we are home!

One of our favorite things to do while visiting new places is to try the local cuisine. We did just that.
We ate.
Mash and Sausage in London.
Foie Gras, Macarons, Croque Monsieurs, Crepes, and Cannelles in Paris.
Machelbrachen, Spetzle & fabulous potatoes In Germany.
Fondue & Rosti in Switzerland.
Heavenly Ravioli and Risotto in Milan.
Fromage pizza, Steak & Fresh Salads along the Cote de Azur.
Calamari, more Steak and Croque Monsieurs in Provence.
And finally Paella and Tapas in Barcelona.

I'm thoroughly impressed with my excellent planning skills- all our hotels were within budget and good, some even great. I'm equally impressed with my husbands driving skills, there is no way I would have driven through some of the cities and interstates that we traveled.

We came home under budget and with only one pregnant, frustrated break down in Paris. (I find only one breakdown quite acceptable) We didn't have any major incidents with the car, no parking tickets or speeding tickets or break-ins. We were extremely lucky with parking, most of the trip finding street parking for free overnight within the same block of the hotel we were staying.

We felt safe the entire trip and only found language an issue in France, where I know they all speak english they are just not as friendly about it. We payed ridiculous amounts in toll roads and drove through beautiful mountains and along gorgeous ocean cliffs, explored huge cities and small towns. We saw an incredible amount of Europe and are happy to be home.

My goal is to get all the posts from our trip up this week before i leave on Friday for Nashville. So get ready for some photo overload!

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