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I have a few jokes that i tell people when they ask me about being excited about the baby on the way- first is that I have no shot at being the favorite parent because Matt is just way more fun than me, and second is that it took me a little while to be ready for a baby (we've been married a little over 3 years) but he could have had kids the second we got married. Although neither one is 100% true, they aren't far from the real facts.

Because, lets be honest, i'm the kind of girl who is going to be the crafty mom- making your own baby food, put cute notes in your lunch, throw really great birthday parties, and decorate your room really awesome, but when it comes to getting on the ground and playing with toys and making you laugh, well that's all Matt's department and i can't even compete.

Last weekend in New York was the perfect example of how i married the future #1 dad. I arrived 2 days before him and got to see our little 2 month old nephew and play with him and hold him, i never made him smile or laugh as much as i tried. Uncle Matt arrives and the first time he picks him up he makes him smile more in that few minutes than i had seen in 2 days!

He's always been a kid guy
always wins the attention and affection of all our friends kids
Our nieces and nephews think he's really fun
and i can't stop thinking how lucky i am
I love my Matty

Some more photos from our trip:
Central Park- only missing little Olie who was asleep in the stroller.
the view from their building's rooftop deck, so cool!
Hell's Kitchen Flea Market- lots of vintage finds.

Sunday we decided to be a little more touristy- we've been to NY countless times but never been to Ellis Island & Liberty Island so we took the ferry out. It was a GORGEOUS day!

I loved Ellis Island, the museum is so well done. It was really awesome walking through knowing that my great-great grandmother and great-grandmother arrived there from Italy.

On one of our walks through the city Matt and i talked about, out of all the places we've been in the last few months, New York is still our favorite city. I don't know when i'll get back, especially if Christ & Sheena leave next year, but the big apple will always be my favorite.

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