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Milan, Italy

When we arrived in Milan it was dark and late and we were pretty tired from our day of driving around the mountains, back to Luzerne and then finally down to Milan. We asked the hotel if there was a place to eat dinner near the hotel, and they recommended Delle Corti which was one of the best meals of the trip, and not expensive at all. I think it all boils down to the fact that the italians really know how to cook. i could live in Italy. We stayed at the Hotel Poliziano Fiera, which was nice and convenient and we even found parking on the street. The best part about the hotel location was that when we woke up on Saturday morning there was an AMAZING street market going on around the corner and we would have never found it had we not stayed there. It was my favorite part of the day for sure. :)
The Duomo is the largest cathedral in Europe and just really massive and beautiful.

Pictures from the street market. I forgot to take a picture of the other side of the street which is where i spent most of my money. One side of the market was food type goods and the other was clothing, shoes and purses, all made in italy! I bought cashmere sweaters for only 15 Euros, and i found the most amazing coat ever. it's black wool and has a beautiful ruffle collar, my favorite buy of the entire trip. i love to shop, what can i say :)

Around 3pm we headed out to drive down to southern France. I can't wait to share those photos with you, there are SO many!

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