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Nashville Baby Showers!

This weekend i was {showered}
it was super fun. i have so many thank you cards to write, and so many wonderful new things for baby boy.

baby things are fun. :)
this is a bassinet that Michelle & my dad bought for us. SO Cute.
Michelle, Hollyanne, & Me.
1st shower at my best friend Jessica's home. She such a beautiful home, and perfect for entertaining! the table was beautiful, and those cupcakes are even more delicious than they look- 2 flavors, Wedding Cake & Sweet Potato!
These cake balls were to die for :)

I Loved the Heather Bailey fabric napkins & table topper :)
me & my sister Hollyanne

virgin mimosas
lots of gifts!
loved the invite :)
Jessica & I
Rachel, Meredith & Me
Loved these monogrammed gifts from Barbara Watikins, you have to check out her awesome website- Monogrammed Lane. click HERE.

SO many wonderful gifts. and that was only shower #1!

my 2 besties, the hostesses. Caroline, Me, & Jess
{shower #2}
at my mom's house, thrown by Tara & my Mom
they did a cute OWL theme :)
BBQ chicken sliders, cute owl cupcakes, cowboy caviar, & baked brie were on the menu :)
my mom made the tablecloth & a cute banner, i guess i know where my creativity comes from!
Love these little guys...
4 generations, and we'll have 5 when he's born and we get a photo with my great-grandmother! So glad my grandparents could make it down, always fun to see them.
Tara was so cute and remembered that i used to make these candy cards all the time when i was in high school. So at the shower they made me a big candy card! :)
Mom gave me this little onesie with a dog that looks just like Jill! :)
Tara & I. Love her. :)
feeling so grateful right now for so many friends! :)

on a side note, is there any faster way to upload photos to blogger- seriously 5 at a time?? and you wonder why i only have the first two places of our Europe trip up. it takes forever to get them on the blog!

Or Google +

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