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So I can't believe that we've been home for over a month and i'm still not finished putting up all our photos. Sorry about the delay. Here is a sampling of Switzerland. We LOVED Switzerland, it was our favorite country and i want to go back and spend a lot more time there, especially when i'm not preggo and might want to do a bit more outdoorsy activities. I think it would be an awesome place to take my kids when they are older and do lots of fun hiking, rafting, climbing type trips in the Alps. We kind of did a marathon day our first day there, we woke up super early and drove from Stuttgart to Zurich, Luzerne and Bern- all in one day! It was quick, but so gorgeous. Here are some of the photos. You can see the entire Switzerland album HERE.

(p.s i'm so jealous of my friend Amanda who is living over there right now with her husband. Amanda you are so lucky!!)
The famous banks are here where people hide there money from taxes...
This chocolate place was just to die for.

i loved all the beautiful floral shops throughout the entire trip. this one was especially photoworthy

Just gorgeous. really that's all i can say- so beautiful that swans swim in their lakes.

Bern was adorable as well. i loved the bear caves- we got to see mr. bear eating his heathly dinner of veggies, we also visited the apartment of Einstein, which was kind of a let down and we watched the dancing clock as it turned on the hour. There was a giant chess set with Men playing and we stopped to watch and we had a traditional swiss dinner of Rosti at a random cafe.

This crazy statue is of a giant ogre eating small children!

We woke up the next morning and headed to Interlaken. The drive was gorgeous. Interlaken was spectacular. We took a furnicular up to a peak and took some photos. The lake there was a crazy teal color that Matt could not get over. We had fondue for lunch, and as much as i love cheese i have decided i'm not a fan of cheese fondue with wine- it's just too bitter for me.

After lunch we had scheduled to drive to Milan through the Alps mountain pass that goes directly there and should have only taken us about 2 hours. The drive up the mountains was gorgeous, albeit windy and kind of making the prego lady sick, but to our dismay as we got about an hour up the mountain there was a big closed sign! Thank goodness Matt speaks German because we had to go ask how in the heck to get to Milan if we couldn't get through the mountain. You would think there would have been a sign at the bottom telling us that it was closed, but no. Anyway what was supposed to be a 2 hour drive took 6 which meant that we went strait to Milan instead of stopping at Lake Como, which was a big bummer. Milan however was fantastic, i loved it- i'll share that post tomorrow. i promise. :)

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