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30 Weeks

It's funny how time goes by really really fast when you're busy. The last ten weeks have zipped by so fast that i'm having a hard time realizing that this baby will be here in just 10 more! How crazy is that. This morning i was thinking about how i'm going to be a mom, like the fact that once this little man is born i will forever go from non-mom status to motherhood, forever. I mean i know this may not sound like earth shattering news to anyone else, but it's an eternal status change. Just a little mind boggling is all.

As far as this growing little bean he is moving ALL the time. Seriously i think i can count a movement or more every hour. He loves my right side as of late, and several days ago Matt was poking him and he was kicking/punching back. I personally hate when he has the hiccups, it feels like an eye twitch, you know, a little small movement that keeps repeating vs. a larger more forceful kick. My dr. appointments are going well, i've been normal in all areas- glucose test, blood pressure, measurements and weight and i am now rotating through all the docs at my practice since whoever is on call will actually deliver him.

Delivery. there's that word. so as many of you know i have been avoiding, like the plague, all the birth chapters in the baby books. Truth is i'm quite terrified by the whole thing, but recently i have started to read them. Personally my favorite book so far is the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy , the author is way funny and totally comforting. Thanks to my friend Libby for suggesting it. Matt started reading The Birth Partner so he can be prepared to handle a crazy wife who freaks out when she goes in to labor. :) I signed up for our hospital tour, birthing class and newborn care class which will all be in January, and i realized i need to figure out health insurance for the little guy so i can pick a pediatrician. If you live in KC and have a favorite, please email or comment and let me know.

Here are a few updated photos of the nursery progress, theres not too much to report besides some fun things i have been given or picked up for the room. I LOVE the elephant hamper my bestie Jessica gave us, isn't it the cutest?! The penguin mobile is also a favorite item that my dad got us- Penguins have always been our thing, we used to travel to different aquariums and zoos to see the penguins. I had the robot prints matted but i still need to find some nice white frames for them, and i found the MAX letters in New York at the Hell's kitchen flea market- they are old letterpress letters.

i found that red basket with all those vintage letters at the urban mining sale i went to- details and photos below. i think i might paint the basket yellow.

So i texted my friend Jenny when i woke up Saturday to see if she wanted to head down to the farmers market with me, she couldn't but she offered me a coupon to the Urban Mining Housewares Market that she had bought on Groupon but wouldn't be able to use it. I hadn't ever heard of it, but i'm always up for anything. I was so glad she sent me there, it was so fun! It's a fabulous flea market/antique store that's only open on the first weekend of the month and so worth the trip. I came home with a new set of candlesticks, a lamp, a vintage pyrex bowl that matches my set and a basket of vintage blocks for baby's room, and did i mention everything was at great prices! Here are some iphone photos i took there.

This week we went to the hospital to visit our friend Deanna and her new baby Rylee. It was a very unique experience visiting a newborn when you yourself are just a few weeks away from having one. Rylee is so sweet and looks just like his dad, i couldn't believe it. Congrats Deanna & Ryan!

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