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Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was really fun. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite time of year, minus the cold weather. Here is just a random sampling of some photos taken with different family members. Our first stop was in Mt.Vernon Illinois where my grandparents and mom's extended family live. We are so fortunate to still have my great-grandma Ruby with us, she's in the pic with me below. Oh and the picture above is my outfit for our Christmas date the night before we left, complete with my beautiful sweater from Matty. :)

Grandma Ruby & I
my mom's side of the family. Clockwise from the left: Pappy, Doug, Mom, Me, Matty, Mamam, Uncle Brent, Grandma Ruby & Andrew.
Siblings and Cousins in Nashville, dad's side of the family. Little sister Hollyanne, Me, Matty, cousin Dani, brother Andrew, cousin Alex.
Hollyanne, Me & Matty.
While we were in Nashville we caught one of my cousins basketball games. These girls got all the athletic genes in our family- well it looks like Holly is going to be an athlete too, but that gene totally skipped me. It was a fun game to watch because Alex and Dani are close enough in age that they are playing Varsity basketball together. Alex is a senior and Dani is a sophomore. I had to try out my skills at catching sports photos, they are hard! here are a few.

Alex's mad skills.
Dani's tall frame... she needs to model.

and then i caught both of them in the same shot when Dani had a free throw! :)
We loved all the family time we got to spend in Illinois and Nashville, however we did really miss the Muir side of the family! And did i mention that it was the first white Christmas for Nashville in 17 years! i know for Matt he can't remember a non-white Christmas, but for Tennesseans it's a rare occurrence! here is a photo of my dad's house Christmas morning. :)

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