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Christmas Presents

So we were only supposed to spend $20 on each other this year for Christmas, me and my Matty. We are in the middle of a big basement re-do, pictures due out soon, and so we decided that was our gift to each other this year. I was expecting a box of Godiva chocolates, specifically a box of ONLY the oyster shell truffle that is a milk chocolate praline treat, my favorite. So when he came home with the Godiva box and a box from Nordstrom i was very surprised. My surprise only heightened when i opened the box to reveal this gorgeous Kate Spade cardigan, that he picked out all by himself. I have to say I am one lucky girl, i really love my Matty. I got him two skinny ties i found when i was shopping with my sister-in-law in NY. Friday night we went on our annual Christmas date, i'll post the photos soon. We are in southern Illinois today at my grandparents and heading to Nashville later tonight where we will spend the rest of the week and Christmas.

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