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Christmas Time Is Here!

Today has been a super productive Saturday. We (and when i say we i mean Matt) finished cutting and putting up beadboard in our basement, i cleaned the basement, made a bag and a onesie for etsy customers, and i wrapped all the Christmas presents for our families. All my shopping is done other than a few loose ends here and there, which feels great. For wrapping this year i found red & white polka dot paper that i love and mixed it with an ornament print i found last year, i also prefer ribbons to the stick on bows and i bought most of my ribbon at Walmart.
One of the Christmas traditions in my family is using Christmas dishes. These dishes were passed on to me this year and i was so excited about it. I always got excited to get all the Christmas decorations out and i knew that we would put our regular dishes away and only use the Christmas dishes during December. My grandmother has the same ones and i just love them. Today i was reading about different Christmas traditions and thinking about what things i would like to do with my kids in the future. When i was growing up my dad always took us to buy gifts for a child off the Angel tree at the mall and with my mom we always made cookies and took them to people, for the last couple of years Matt and i have chosen a family to buy gifts for a leave them as a secret santa gift. I decided today i would like to put an advent book together of a different Christmas stories to read with my kids each day of December. What are your traditions? I love my friends family that has a birthday party for Jesus and they write down their goals for the next year as presents to Christ.
I Love this photo depicting the birth of the Savior from the exhibit Reflections of Christ by Mark Mabry, i keep meaning to buy a print for my Christmas decorations or really even to have in my house the whole year. Just thought i would share it. Merry Christmas

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