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The Cote d'Azur

The south of France, or as it's loving referred to the "Côte d'Azur" was a fabulous part of our trip. You can't beat the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the quaint feeling of the cobblestone meandering streets of Nice, Cannes, and Monte Carlo. The drive from Milan was gorgeous, think tuscany, and then spending the day driving down the coast was so fun. We stayed in Cannes at the Hotel Palais Stephanie which i booked through my favorite discount luxury hotel site Jetsetter, If you would like an invite to jetsetter just let me know and i'll send you one. The hotel was super luxurious, the largest room we stayed in by far, but i had one big problem with the hotel and that was that anything you wanted like wifi or breakfast they charged an arm and a leg for- wifi for a day was 25 euros! It's funny how some high end hotels charge for wifi and the cheaper ones give it to you for free, i'll never understand. anyway other than that it was a fabulous hotel and great location, right on the beach! In Cannes we also ate at this fabulous fodors reccomened teenie little restaurant called Le Petit Lardon, it was so delicious.

Our room

The view from the top of our hotel

We stopped at a stretch of beach as we were driving from Cannes to Monaco and the entire beach was covered with these perfectly flat, smooth rocks. Matt had to skip a few into the ocean.

loved this orange stand. so cute, and the fact that you can get crepes on every corner made me so happy.

This drive was on a Sunday and we kept passing little antique markets that were open all along the coast roads.

Monte Carlo, Monaco. One of the smallest & richest countries in the world. The inside of the casino is very James Bond. Matt's favorite part were the cars that kept pulling up to be valeted.

I guess they only made like a very small number of this porshce, he was very excited about seeing it.

After Monaco, on our drive back to Cannes we spent the late afternoon & evening in Nice. I loved Nice, the shopping was fun, the buildings were so cute and the beach looked beautiful.

The sidewalks along the beach in Cannes lightup and change colors every so often, i could picture it bustling with celebrities during the film festival.

the view from right in front of our hotel.

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