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Happy New Year!

Every year i get really excited about January. I love to set goals and reflect on what i accomplished the year before, and what i maybe didn't and need to keep working toward for the next year. I always type everything up, divided into categories and print out several to keep at different places around my house to remind and motivate me to work toward them. This year however feels a little different, first of all i won't be implementing any new workout routine on Monday like i normally would and i feel like my "year" really won't begin until after this little bean decides he wants to join us and i feel a little more like myself, instead of a ginormous version that waddles around and gets out of breath walking up the stairs. I'm also slightly hesitant to commit too fully to anything because i know my life is going to be so different in ways i can't understand until our baby boy arrives. All the same i can't help myself but to set my aspirations high for what i want to accomplish in 2011. Here are few goals in each of my categories.

Run a 1/2 marathon in October. Exercise 3 times a week. Plan dinner menu monthly- i made THIS cute calendar to help with that one. Cut out fast food (a bad habit i started during pregnancy)

Stick to our budget using Mint.com. Save $$. Start a college fund for Baby M.

finish basement family room renovation. decorate master bedroom & bath. tile kitchen backsplash. Keep up with digital recipe file.

Learn how to use Adobe InDesign. Sell at the CityMarket starting in April. Develop my recycled coffee bean sack product line. Gather enough sewing projects to create a sewing book proposal. Put 2 new sewing projects a month on the blog.

plan & execute young women's camp. hold FHE weekly and make lessons for the future.

Learn German. Take a sushi making class. Take cake decorating 2.

For Baby
Finish getting nursery ready. Make a weekly photo book. Make my own baby food come spring/summer.
(Above Picture was taken last week- 33 weeks) yes. i'm feeling so huge and uncomfortable. :)

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