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Thanksgiving in Utah

For the Thanksgiving holiday weekend we headed out to Utah to spend some time with the Muir side of the family. It was a much deserved trip seeing as how we only get out there about once a year and we hadn't seen Matt's brother Casey or his mom since Casey's wedding last October! We are so excited however to know that Casey and his fun wife Kylie will be joining us in Kansas City for the summer sales season, i can't wait. :) well maybe i should rephrase that, i CAN def. wait for the hectic & crazy summer but we are really excited they'll be here. Back to Thanksgiving, with 3 out of 5 siblings and Vicki and Rod we decided to celebrate in Logan Utah at Michelle's house. I don't think i've put this on my blog yet but Michelle is pregnant with triplets, due in April, and so it's much easier for us to travel to her than for her to pack up. We are SO excited about the triplets, especially since we found out last week that there are 3 boys coming!! My baby boy is going to have the most fun playing with his 3 cousins that will all be his age, now we just need to move closer to each other so they can play all the time! :) It's pretty crazy thinking about carrying 3 babies, Michelle and i took a pic together and we look around the same size and she's only 16 weeks in the picture and i'm 28!

We had a great time hanging out, talking, playing spoons and uno, ticket to ride and ligretto, baking and in general just being together with family. The snow was gorgeous, however i am glad that it hasn't started snowing in KC yet. I'm hoping this winter will be much kinder to us than last, and already it's been showing us mercy. Here are some photos from the trip.

Fun playing games
Making a gluten free version of my favorite orange-scented dark chocolate cake

The Bellies.
16 weeks with triplets & 28 weeks with one :)

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