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35 Weeks

Yesterday i hit 35 weeks and i feel like we are coming into the homestretch. Only 5 weeks left to go, and who knows if it will even take the full 5. This week i had a little bit of a wake up call when my friend Lindsey who has the same due date as me, delivered her baby at 34 weeks. Baby Adele is so cute and doing good, she's still in the nicu, I've been keeping up with her progress through facebook updates. It was just so surprising to hear that she was born and it really got me thinking about how this baby is coming soon!

This week we took our hospital tour, we met the maternity care coordinator and had a looksie around the rooms, which are much nicer for regular delivery than for a c-section- so there is one reason to hope for a normal delivery. The hospital i'm delivering at is literally a 3 minute drive from our house, which is super convenient, and the staff seem to be really friendly.

On Saturday we went to an all day birthing class, 9-4. Seriously, whoever thought it was a good idea to show live birth videos is disturbed. I realize this is going to happen to me, i understand fully, but i really really don't need to see it happening to someone else on a big screen. As if I wasn't already freaked out enough about the whole thing Saturday night every time i tried to close my eyes to go to sleep those stupid videos kept playing in my mind of those babies heads emerging. Seriously, too much information! Apart from those videos i felt like the class was very informative and helpful. I am even feeling like i can handle this whole birth thing- with an epidural of course. :) I'm not one for pain. Probably the most helpful tip of the whole day was when she suggested we flip our chairs around, put a pillow infront of us and stradle the chair for a different seating position- WHY did i not know about this earlier?! it was like sitting was no longer uncomfortable, genius.

In the past few weeks i have been so uncomfortable. I do much better if i am busy during the day, sitting is awful. Even at night when we sit to watch a show or something after about an hour i'm done, ready to go lay down because i just can't get comfortable. I'm also feeling so ginormous. I still have quite the appetite, but in light of a new year i've decided to cut out all fast food and we have been eating a lot of salads and better for you dinners. Cooking takes my mind off it all.

Baby boy kicks me all the time, has the hiccups quite often and we are pretty sure he is head down. I haven't felt one single contraction, not even a braxton hicks. The nursery is really really close to being finished. Our chair arrived- we ended up ordering one off Amazon, and i do like it. All the ikea furniture is set up and i printed all the graphics i made and put them in frames. The only thing left is all the sewing projects- including the curtains and crib set, which is why i don't have pictures up yet. Which brings me to the fact that i can't quite sew right now because the basement is in quite a state of disrepair, productive disrepair mind you.

Call it nesting if you will, but i had a huge hankering to finish up finishing the basement and turn it into a family room/studio. Before it was solely my studio. I got the idea while we were in Europe and told Matt that we could do it slowly and have it done by sometime fall of 2011. ha. I just have to say my husband is quite the man, he's mostly doing all the work by himself because i'm not of much help. For the first step we put up white beadboard around the bottom of the wall and then a chair rail trim to finish off the top and then we painted the walls above that a nice gray/blue. The next big step was to figure out how to make my 4ft x 8ft sewing table hinge against the wall so we could fold it away when i'm not using it. Matt figured it out perfectly, it's amazing. And then we picked up wood veneer flooring at ikea that i'm in love with- it's the tundra in the antique wood finish- and he is currently putting that in. Thank goodness for a snow day today, he's been working all day and he's really close to being done, i think we will have it 100% done by this coming weekend, which is so exciting! I also found a super comfy leather sectional on craigslist that we picked up last week and it's going to be a perfect fit. Here are some process photos...
See how perfect the table is just folded up on the wall. I think i'm going to make a curtain that covers it.
Behind him you can see the "before" of the concrete floor.
yay for winter projects! :)

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