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37 Weeks

Today marks 37 weeks, which means we have a full term baby! Although i still have 3 more long weeks before my official due date, if he arrived at any point from now on they say he would be healthy. I am now visiting the doc every week, and this last week they checked me to see if i was dilated at all- and i'm not. They also did the strep test and we find out this week if he has it, i guess its a virus or something that 30% of us carry on our skin and its not dangerous to us, but it is to babies so if he has it they give him antibiotics at delivery.

I still have some sewing projects to do to get ready for him, i want to make a nursing cover, car seat canopy and crib skirt, and i'm 98% finished with my diaper bag. Later this week i'll do a big reveal on the Nursery finished and the sewing projects i've done.

SO, Lets talk about clothes, because seriously i'm so excited to have this baby and be able to wear more than the 6 shirts and 2 pair of pants that fit me right now. I have so many things that worked up until this point, and now its dwindled and i'm so over it. I guess i could go shopping, but that just seems like a waste- especially when i have other things on my "to buy" list.

At this point in the pregnancy i find myself very very hungry. Like eat two dinners hungry. I am so uncomfortable, seriously all this extra weight in one area takes its toll. I hate hate hate to bend over to pick anything up, its the worst. I can tell the little guy isn't so little anymore and he's feeling squished, his movements have slowed slightly due to the lack of space. I find myself eating two tums before bed every night, just in case, and i usually can sleep through the night just fine, which is such a blessing, i know. Matty is the best, he's always helping me with whatever needs to be done, from laying flooring and redoing our whole basement to changing light bulbs and hanging photos. Love that man, Lord knows that my emotions haven't been the easiest to deal with in the last few weeks. I blame it all on the pregnancy...

One thing i find really frustrating right now is that i have a few clutter closets that really need to be cleaned out and i can't find the motivation to do it, just the whole bending over and moving things around sounds soo unappealing, which is so unlike me, i love to organize! However i have found myself wanting to cook all kinds of things all the time. This week i made my freezer meal for the swap on Friday (which was 7 sausage rice casseroles) and then on Saturday i made 7 family size portions of chili for the February freezer swap. Today i made roast for dinner, pasta salad, and chocolate souffle for dessert. Has anyone else been a crazy cooker when they are huge and preggo?? I guess it just sounds so much more fun to be cooking because i get to eat it at the end. :)
Below is a pic of the Roy's Chocolate Souffle i made tonight. It was SO delicious, it doesn't look exactly like theirs, but it tasted really really close. SO yum! just what this pregnant lady needed, a good dose of chocolate!
Oh and on a side note- winter has fully arrived in Kansas City. The snow is horrendous, as usual, and our little one gets so cold every time she goes outside, poor little thing. Here she is cuddled up inside Matty's coat.

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