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Barcelona, Spain

We absolutely loved Barcelona, it was one of our favorite stops on our trip and if i could have changed one thing about our itinerary it would have been to spend more time there. We stayed at the fabulous ME Barcelona which i booked using Jetsetter for a great discount, and it was a top notch luxury hotel. Our room was all glass windows and we could see the entire city and with the push of a button the curtains retracted, how cool is that. It was also such a nice way to end in a warm climate and have a day of no coats and soaking in the sunshine. Because we only had one day we decided to jump on one of the double decker tour buses that took us all around the city, you can get off and on at different sites so it worked perfectly.

Barcelona is a gorgeous city and it has the great priviledge of having Antoni Gaudi's signature all over the place. I don't think any other city in the world has such a distinct architectural landscape like Barcelona. We loved the Sagrada Familia, the huge church that is still under construction! But my favorite of Gaudi's work is the Park Guell where you see his very organic forms mesh into nature, it was such a fun place. Here are some (well alot) of photos.

we laughed as we were walking into town and saw this bar- Lost fans will understand :)
On the top of the bus enjoying the city & the sunshine
A Gaudi building
The Sagrada Familia, it is so massive and gorgeous. We didn't pay to go in because the line was forever long and at this point we had seen a lot of insides of cathedrals, but the outside is spectacular.

A statue of Colombus
the waterfront.

another Gaudi building

The Park Guell

and i thought i was big and pregnant then... ha!

loved this little street preformer- he looked just like the statue! :)

This is a famous skate park that according to my skater husband was in a lot of skate videos. He was excited by it. :)

One funny thing about Spain is that they eat really really late- like i'm talking we went to restaurant at 7:00 and they didn't even open until 7:30! Also their food is super wierd. Like if you order fish you get the whole fish- the eyes, skin, everything- it all comes whole. I really wanted to try paella, which is their traditional rice dish and we ordered a seafood/chicken paella and it was really good you just had to peel the shrimp because they came in the pan whole, eyes and all. We would love to go back and do more of spain, maybe a few beach days, visit Madrid & Gibralter, i guess i'll just have to start planning. :)

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