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Haute Hot Dogs

I'm not sure about you, but when i was growing up we ate our fair share of hot dogs, and now for the most part they stay out of my kitchen besides the occasional summer bbq- banished as a "kid only" food. However, just when i think something couldn't ever be made into a gourmet meal i am quickly repremanded by fabulous chef's who know a lot more than me.
So today I met Matt for lunch and we decided to give Dog Nuvo a second taste. I've been using Groupon a lot lately and a few weeks ago there was a groupon for it, so i snagged it and we ate lunch at half price. It seems like haute hot dogs are the new trend, and i have to say it's quite delish. Not really something i could eat more than once a month, but Dog Nuvo has quite the inventive menu and everything is really good. Today we tried the Mac and Cheese dog and the KC Dog which has burnt bbq ends on it, we also sampled the pierogis to start and the house made potato salad & potato chips as sides, nothing disappointed. Last time we went i had the thai peanut dog and Matt had the blue cheese one, they were both good as well. So if you're in the mood for a new hot dog experience head down to the crossroads for lunch and Dog Nuvo is sure to knock your socks off. you can see their menu on their website HERE.

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