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In 2010

In case you are new to the blog, or just interested in the highlights from this year i thought i would reflect on a few of my favorite posts. Wow we did a lot this year! :) click on the gray text to go to that post.

In 2010
-visited the most magical place on earth.
-I helped with Classic Coup.
-Finished my first quilt.
-Cooked a lot of new recipes.
-Had fun in Arizona w/ Michelle & the kids.
-Relaxed with Michelle in Sanibel Island, Florida.
-Watched my baby brother walk across the stage at high school graduation.
-Mastered French Macarons.
-Camped in a tent, for a week, with amazing girls ages 12-18.
-Celebrated 3 years of marriage.
-Had fun in Cali with Kylie & Michelle
-Started one of my favorite things ever. Get it Done group.
-Went on a really big European adventure.
-Was showered with gifts for baby M. in Nashville.
-Ventured to the big apple one more time. Probably the last for a while.
-Finally got back to Utah for Thanksgiving.

2011 may not be as busy but i'm sure it will be even more exciting! :)

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