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39 Weeks

I'm not going to lie, last week was a roller coaster of a ride for me. I'm a little, well lets be honest, a-lot over being pregnant. Lets just talk about how last week went.
Tuesday morning we know there is going to be a huge snow storm, i hear that pregnant women tend to go into labor when the barometric pressure drops significantly and there is a storm, i get mentally prepared to go have this baby. I finish up my craft projects, pack our bags and even go so far as to tell Matty that we will be going to the hospital in the next 48 hours, i know it. i just know it. The big blizzard comes... and goes... and we are home together all day Tuesday and Wednesday because seriously who wants to go out in that and yes you guessed it right, no baby.

Then Thursday arrived, i had a dr. appointment and i was just sure she was going to tell me i was at least dilated a bit and maybe even a lot and she was going to say go get your bag you should go right over to the hospital. But really i would have been happy with any news of some kind of progress... Well not only did it take her forever to find the top of my cervix, which hurt like no ones business, she then tells me that i am still 100% not dilated at all. OK so slightly earth shattering, but i decide to ask about induction, we haven't talked about that yet. She then tells me that if i'm not dilated at all they will not induce me until i am 2 weeks over my due date. She then leaves the room and i then proceed to have a slight breakdown. Oh did i mention that the night before i only got 4 hours of sleep because that is the night that the head cold that has descended on our house started? 2 weeks? 2 weeks?! that means i could be pregnant for a FULL month longer?! are you kidding me?!

i pulled it together just long enough to get myself into my car and call Matt where i then have a full on meltdown about how i cannot, absaloutely can not do this for much longer, and the thought of 3 more weeks is seriously devastating. I go home, thankfully i had planned for some friends to come over and craft with me Thursday night so i had a distraction and i've been mildly ok since then. It was a very hormonal moment.

This all being said i then proceeded to look up all the ways to induce your labor naturally and then Saturday we set out to do them all. We went on a long walk around zona rosa- 2 hours of not sitting and constantly walking, we went to our favorite mexican place and i ordered the dish thats normally to spicy for me and then i drank a lot of raspberry leaf tea and had matt give me a foot massage. Lets just say that i have decided that sure all the different methods may be effective if your baby is ready to come out, but i'm pretty sure theres nothing you can do if he's not ready. Although i might go find a trampoline today... I'm starting to think this kiddo is going to be a stubborn little thing.

Oh and i'm sorry there is no picture, but trust me, other than our little adventure out on Saturday we have been holed up in our house trying to get our nasal passages open with copious amounts of sudafed and tylenol. It's not been pretty, def. not picture worthy i assure you.

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