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40 Weeks

Picture Taken Sunday Feb. 13th- the official due date.
So it looks like this little man wants to cook just a bit longer than i expected. Sunday was my official due date and at my appointment on Friday i wasn't dilated at all. I asked about stripping my membranes and she said they can't do that if you're not dilated. She did say that she thinks he is probably around 7 to 7 1/2 pounds right now and that i don't look too big. We scheduled an appointment for this coming Friday and i have an ultra sound to see his measurements and then a dr. appointment after. She said they would then schedule a induction date at that point for the following week- i'm really hoping if i have to schedule an induction we can at least do it for the beginning of next week and not have to wait till Friday- it just seems like cruel punishment at this point. I really really want to be done. obviously. However, this last week was better than the week before, i think only because mentally i just stopped thinking about going into labor and focused on other things. Saturday we had a really fun valentines date- we went to the Truman library and museum in Independence, went shopping on the square and then we ate dinner at a Kansas City tradition- Stroud's. It's not someplace i would recommend eating at often, you go for the fried chicken, but it is delicious! It reminded me of home quite a bit.

Last week i kept busy with lunch with friends, baking for the Relief Society activity, cooking dinners and freezing half of them and reading a lot- i have read 4 books in 2 weeks! (i'll put a book post up soon) I've decided that Heavenly Father must really want me to learn some patience because that's exactly what it feels like- waiting for the right timing for this little boy to come into our lives. It's def. a mental battle these last few weeks, but it will all be worth it i'm sure. This last week i was also given two of the cutest things for little Max, my sister-in-law Cynthia who is an awesome quilter finished his quilt and sent it to me- i am so in love with it! It matches the nursery and all the other things i've been making perfectly! and then my friend Lacey was so sweet and knitted up the perfect little ensemble for me to have his newborn photos taken in, a little cocoon and hat, i love them!

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