All our bags are packed, We're ready to go... - Handmade in the Heartland

All our bags are packed, We're ready to go...

Well February has arrived with a bang, seriously you would think we lived in the north pole by looking outside. All day we have been under a blizzard advisory and it is nasty out there! The wind is just whipping the snowfall so it looks like its falling sideways. I woke up around 4am and started to feel like i really wanted to get everything ready today with all the little details and pack for the hospital, it is February! I have been saying for a while now that i was pretty sure he wouldn't arrive in January but once February hits it could be any day. So we did just that. I finished the diaper bag and whipped up the last two sewing projects i wanted to make- a nursing cover and car seat canopy. I used the Nicey Jane collection from Heather Bailey and i can't wait to get the quilt that my awesome sister-in-law Cynthia is making with the same fabrics. Here are some photos to show how productive we've been today :)
inside of the diaper bag
Nursing Cover (hanging), Car Seat Canopy & Bag
Here is what our master bedroom looks like right now- the bassinet and glider are set up there for the next couple months and then my suitcase is packed along with the diaper bag of cute little newborn outfits for baby. Matt also started his backpack with things they he needs. We are getting excited around here :) Now lets just hope if i go into labor tonight or tomorrow we can make it to the hospital through the snow!

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