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Coming Home

We were able to leave the hospital Saturday at noon, thank goodness for my discharge nurse who was with us from 6 am to noon because she helped me tremendously get the hang of breastfeeding right before we left. The second night was difficult- i had a nurse who i didn't really like and Max was so hungry that he was fighting eating and finally we pretty much gave up and sent him to the nursery for a few hours and to be fed a bottle of formula, something i really had not wanted to do, but at that moment i was so tired and frustrated i just did it. Thank goodness for Elizabeth really showing me how it was done Saturday morning, when we left i felt confident and ready to leave. Since my milk wasn't in yet- it came in on Monday- we supplemented with formula for the days before- but instead of using a bottle we used a little syringe with a tiny little tube that you put into his mouth while he is nursing. The only downfall with that method is that it takes two people, so for the first 2 nights Matt and i were both up for each feeding which meant we were both exhausted. Once my milk came in we stopped using the formula and he's doing great with just my milk, which is so comforting, and each feeding gets easier and easier. He likes to fall asleep while nursing so we normally strip him down to his diaper to eat so he stays awake longer- the little sleepy head. Here are some photos from Saturday-Monday. Above & Below is before we left the hospital.
My dad picked up this chocolate bassinet, isn't it cute.
Aunt Holly with Max
Sleeping Grandpa (who needs to come up with what he wants to be called) with Max
Sleeping-- which is almost always what he's doing. You can see my new necklace that Matt gave me in this pic.
The flowers my mom & doug brought me
When we came home on Saturday my mom and doug were at my house to welcome us home and then they headed out and my dad, michelle & holly came over and stayed the night, then left Sunday morning. Here's the family hanging out on Saturday evening.
Grandpa & Max
And Max is so lucky to have 2 built in best friends. Our pups Jack & Jill were very excited to see him- they've been wondering why mom has been cranky for 9 months and are glad to welcome the new little guy home. I have been so impressed with how curious and cute they are with him, so interested but so gentle. Jack likes to get really close to him without touching and smell him, he sleeps next to his bassinet and when i get up for feedings in the middle of the night he follows me into the nursery and sleeps at the doorway until we go back to our bedroom. I loved my dogs growing up and Max is going to love playing with these two, they are such fun good dogs! :)

Max & Jill
Max & Jack
the 3 of us taking a little nap.
All in all the transition to home was really welcomed, i wanted to leave the hospital really bad and get home to my bed and get started on our own routine. Right now we have a pretty good schedule set- he eats at 7-10-1-4-7-10-1-4 and of course that changes if he's extra hungry or going through a growth spurt, but right now it seems to be working really well. He sleeps most of the time, but we try to keep him awake for a little while after each feeding unless its the night time feedings. His diapers are like clockwork- every time he eats, we change him.

We went to our first pediatrician visit yesterday and he is a very healthy boy- i am so thrilled. Most babies loose a little bit of weight and are back to their birth weight by week 2, so i was expecting him to be below 8lbs 11 ounces, well when they put him on the scale he was 9lbs 1 ounce! On Wednesday we also switched him from newborn diapers to size 1-2 because he had two leaks, and 3 outfit changes- can you believe it, not even a week in newborns!

I'm probably going to start another blog just for Max updates for friends and family who are interested in all these details, so that the rest of you are not overwhelmed with baby details all the time! :) Tomorrow I'm going to put up a post with all the things i have found essential this first week- something i kept looking for when i was preggo and couldn't' really find a good list anywhere. so stay tuned for baby gear!

Thanks again for all your comments here and on facebook, when i'm feeding late at night the only thing there is to do is check my email and facebook on my phone and its so nice to get little messages from all of you. so thank you.

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