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A little bit of a book worm...

During this pregnancy, for some odd reason, i completely lost my ability to focus on reading books. It was a little sad, since i love reading so much, but every time i picked up a book i just couldn't even get past the first chapter. Well something changed because in the last two weeks i devoured 4 books, and caught myself up to the new years goal i have of reading 2 a month. :) Here's what i read:

Gifted Hands
The Ben Carson Story
Love Love Love this book. Such an inspiring story.

Such a fun read, i loved running aroudn the french revolution with the main character- a little bit of history, romance and lots of entertainment. Thanks to my friend Kathryn for lending it to me!

The 3rd and final book in this series, and to be honest i kind of hated it. I guess i have never been a huge fan of any of the books, but i read the first two so i really felt like i should read the final one. I think my main problem is that i really don't like Katniss, the main character and in this one she just seems so whiny and annoying. The ending was also a little lame... but that's just my opinion.

The Friday Night Knitting Club
Such a cute chick lit read. Although the ending really threw me for a loop!

p.s i have a 40 week post and a valentines post that need to go up, but my downstairs computer has been acting strange and not letting me upload pictures to blogger! arg! hopefully i'll get them up today. Happy Wednesday. Lets hope for a baby- the 16th is a good birthday right?? :)

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