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Valentines Day

I'm a big fan of holidays, and valentines day is no exception. A few years ago we decided that Valentines and our anniversary would be the two holidays that we went all out for for each other since they were the two holidays that really we only celebrate with each other. However this year was a little different, obviously. I honestly usually start planning a few weeks in advance but i really thought i would have a baby in arms so we didn't plan anything. Well as you can see we have no baby so i threw together a yummy menu last weekend and spent all Monday afternoon cooking. I made a favorite meal of Matty's- Filet and paired it with the most divine steak sauce you can make, port wine sauce. We had potatoes au gratin, brussel sprouts with bacon & an appetizer of shrimp cocktail. I made one of his favorite desserts, creme brulee. I thought after standing for 4 hours i might go into labor, and i was for sure having some contractions Monday night, but then they just went away.

We also decided that we wouldn't do gifts this year- 1. because Matt did get a gift a few weeks ago, the new TV for the basement which he is totally excited about and 2. because i'm pretty sure i'm getting something special for having a baby and since the baby gift is so close to Valentines (hopefully) i told him not to get me anything besides maybe some chocolate and a card. Well the little stinker didn't listen, just like Christmas, and showed up with some fabulous chocolate and a JCrew box! He's such a good listener, i told him last week that one of the main things i was really excited about post-pregnancy was to buy some cute new spring clothes, i had been out with some friends and seen the offerings at forever 21 and i'm a real sucker for spring clothes... He really knows me well because the shirt dress he picked out is SO adorable, i can't wait to wear it with a pair of white capris, i just love that he knows me well enough to pick out clothes for me, theres not really anyone else who gets it so perfect. I Love my Valentine :)
I'm always looking for an excuse to use my china, isn't it just lovely :)
a couple of years ago i found those cute little heart ramekins at Target for $2.50 for 4 and i pull them out this time of year :)

isn't that card so cute?! i was inspired by Matt's grandma to start saving all our valentines to each other- maybe one day we'll have been married 68 years like them and have all the little valentine cards to show for it :) Any cute ideas on how to store them?

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