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Basement Reveal

When we moved into our house in September of 2009 we had the builder finish the basement so that we would have the extra 500 square feet and at the time we decided to fully dedicate it to my studio space. Since it was going to be a sewing room the only thing we really didn't "finish" was the floor- we just had them paint the cement my favorite shade of aqua and called it done. I don't know why i didn't think of laminate wood flooring as an option then- for some reason the builder only suggested either linoleum or tile and neither sounded that great to me. One of the best things about my studio is the table. It's a 4 ft. by 8 ft. workspace that is indispensable to me, i can't imagine working without it and because it's so big it took up a large portion of the studio.

As we started thinking about getting preggo i had thought about turning the basement into more of a family room/play room, but i was hesitant because i knew i would have to give up my big table, because of it's size i couldn't have a couch and family room and my big workspace. Well that all changed when we were on our flight to Europe and i was flipping through the d*i*y magazine i had brought along. In the magazine there was a room with a murphy bed- a bed that flips up onto the wall when not being used, and suddenly i had an epiphany! My table could be a murphy table and then we could have it all! :) About 1/2 way through the trip i slowly introduced the idea to Matt and told him we could do it slowly- no rush, it would be great if we could get it done by next fall... ha!

A lot of love, hard work, and time went into this room re-do and because when everything was being done i was large marge it's all due to the outstanding efforts of my wonderful husband. Oh how he did humor his pregnant wife. :) Here are the before and afters...


You can see my big table and how it took up a good portion of the middle of the room...
This is what we call indecision... After getting the main room done the only thing left was to paint the hallway, Matt wanted a neutral beige of some sort and so i set out to find a shade that would suit. I hate neutrals. I am not a neutral type of girl, i like color and i'm totally clueless when it comes to finding the right shade of cream or caramel, so this was such a chore. Finally after staring at all these swatches i decided that i hated all of them and that we would just go to the color card with the blue that we chose for the main room and choose the lighter blue on the same swatch. I'm SO glad i did because i love the hallway color and how it blends with the living room.
yes i should have moved the baby swing for the picture but i just didnt- i blame it on the tired factor :)
What we did:
*Matt put in Ikea's wood laminate flooring- which we drove to Minnesota to get and wouldn't have been able to properly install it without help from a nice friend who showed Matt a few tips.
*The white beadboard and chair rail are from home depot and installed by Matt, i think they add a really nice finished look to the room.
*The blue is Home Depot Behr paint in Bleached Denim
*With my idea and Matt's brain to figure it out we made my table into a "murphy" table that flips up onto the wall when not being used. I Love it! I still need to make a curtain to cover it up- you can see the curtain wire that we got at ikea that is already installed.
*The frames are from ikea. ( I cant wait to fill them with cute pics of the new guy) I bought the shelf with the baskets off amazon- click HERE to see it. We got the amazingly comfy couch off craigslist and Matt got an early Valentines day, St.Patricks Day, Easter and Birthday present in that utlra thin TV that he's very excited about :)

and now you can see where dad and son spend a lot of time- Matt playing Modern Warfare and Max chillin in his swing. :) It's a man cave and a sewing room! Oh and a funny little side note- Matt informed me that i'm not allowed to put any fabrics with flowers or butterfly's or anything girlie in this room... He hasn't really been too picky about any decor anywhere in our house, but this room he has an opinion on. I think with all the time he put into it he deserves to get his way this time! I'm just happy we have a place to put all the toys once they start accumulating...

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