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KC Eateries: A Complete List

It's no secret that we love to eat out, and not at your typical chain restaurants. Since we have lived in Kansas City we have tried our fair share of locally owned eateries and we have many many favorites. Tonight i am helping out with a marriage class and giving out a list of date night restaurant options and so as i was compiling all of them i thought i should probably just post it here as well. Most of the restaurants are in the downtown area & and the northland. My absolute favorites are bold & in blue, but we like them all or i wouldn't list them! Click on the title of the restaurant to go their website. Happy Eating!


Dog Nuvo- Downtown,Crossroads- a brand new gourmet hot dog joint that is sure to surprise you with new topping combinations that you would have never thought up at home.

Oklahoma Joes- Downtown- In a gas station, this is, in my opnion, the best BBQ Kansas City has to offer, the ribs are a mans favorite and the pulled pork is sure to satisfy.

The Filling Station- Downtown- A cute coffee shop that has the best juice bar in town, the juice called “liquid sunshine” is a perfect pick me and their lunch menu of sandwiches and baked goods is the perfect afternoon treat.

Happy Gillis- Downtown, River market- Very quaint, delicious for brunch and equally as good for lunch.
Tasty Thai- Northland, 72ndSt- Best pad thai in town, takeout is just as good as eating in, the décor leaves a little to be desired, but the food is SO good.
Succotash- Downtown- Brunch and lunch the turkey sandwich with the basil mayo is heavenly, and the hashbrowns/potatoes are delish!
Ingredient- Plaza- New to the plaza via Lawrence KS, think a little more upscale panera- same type of setting order at the front and they bring it to your table, everything i've had is creative and delicious

Strouds- Northland- Quintessential family style southern cooking, fried chicken, big sides and the best cinnamon rolls on the planet.
Pizza Bella-Downtown, Crossroads- Gourmet pizza at it's finest- combinations that will make your mouth water. The cheese plate is also fabulous.
Spin Pizza- Plaza- another fabulous gourmet pizza place.
Bluebird Bistro- Downtown- I highly recommend blue bird for brunch, lunch or dinner- almost everything on the menu is made with local ingredients and so good.
Trezo Mare- Briarcliff- Italian with a Spanish flare
Bella Napoli- Brookside- Best traditional Italian ever! Seriously a must try
Blanc Burgers- Plaza- Gourmet burgers with delicious house made ketchup and the sweet potato fries come in a cute mini shopping basket.
Ixtapa- Northland- Delicious traditional mexican
KC Sushi- Northland- really good sushi, I personally love the Lee's Summit roll.
The Rieger- Downtown- It's new I haven't tried it yet, but its getting rave reviews
La Bodega- Downtown- Never been, but it is highly recommended and in the press a lot, we've been meaning to try it.
LuLu's Noodle Shop- Downtown, crossroads-Great thai food.
The Farmhouse- Rivermarket-i haven't been able to try this one yet, but i've heard its delicious- and uses mostly locally grown ingredients.
Jack Stack- Plaza- legendary kansas city BBQ
Extra Virgin- Downtown- Chef Micheal Smith's more casual option, it's sure to impress you with its creative menu.
Julian- Brookside- award winning chef. satisfying upscale comfort food, it sounds like a oxy-moron but its not!
Micheal Smith- downtown, crossroads- Delicious, creative, wonderful mood/ambiance
Justus Drugstore- Smithville- In such a random location, this wonderful restaurant used to be a drugstore and was remodeled to be one of the most fabulous restaurants in KC. It's been listed in bon appetit several times and every time we go we are astounded at how creative and delicious it is!
Bluestem- Westport- amazing food. top notch chef. everything you expect out for an expensive date.
Room 39- 39th Street, downtown KU Med campus- We have never been for dinner, but the brunch is one of my favorites in Kansas City (the oven eggs are to die for) and its very reasonable for brunch, the dinner menu is expensive but i can't imagine it being anything but fabulous.
Le Fou Frog- Rivermarket- A true french experience, they even serve escargot.
The American- Crown Center- We have yet to make it here but i've heard its one of the best dining experiences in the city.
Sweet Treats
Donut King- Northland- AMAZING donuts. no longer only a breakfast treat, they are open late so you can have one for a date night dessert.
Cupcake A La Mode-Plaza- best cupcakes in Kansas City, hands down. Try the hawaiian honeymoon its my favorite
Yogurtini- Zona Rosa- Great frozen yogurt- tons of flavors and lots of toppings.
Christopher Elbow Chocolates -downtown, crossroads- These chocolates are sold all over the world and made right here in KC. If you have a chocolate tooth your sure to love it all.
Glace Ice Cream- Plaza- Best Ice Cream Ever. From Christopher Elbow, chocolate master, you are sure to have an amazing experience with flavors like "salted pretzel" , "french lavender" & "toasted coconut".
Bloom Bakery- rivermarket- A fabulous bakery- the only one that i know of in Kansas City that sells french macaroons.
Fresher than Fresh Snocones- Traveling- This mobile snocone stand travels around the city and all the flavors are homemade with top notch ingredients. a fun experience.
Murrays Ice Cream- Westport- Traditional homemade ice cream. Always good for the soul.
Sugar Mama's- Briarcliff- An adorable cupcake bakery, although i go for the iced sugar cookies- YUM!

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