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WE design studios

One of my favorite things to do post-art school graduation is find out what my friends from RISD are up to these days. I have loved my visits to NY to hear all about new jobs and interesting work that people are engaged in and it never ceases to amaze me the talent that RISD kids posses. My friend Laura is no exception, i have always been a huge fan of her talented hand, i think she needs to illustrate some children's books for my Max! Since graduating Laura and her friend David have started a blog & design studio where they are bringing creative ideas as well as art education to the masses, WE Design Studios.
Here is one of their freebies they have on the WE site. I love it!

David and Laura provide design education and inspiration to their “WE-bie” blog reading community. Each person is a creative genius and WE wants to provide the design tools to unleash their artistic brilliance on the world. So to see more freebies, read interesting blog posts and generally check out their creative coolness go to the We Design Studios site by clicking HERE. Kudos to you Laura, you're awesome! :)

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