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Where did the sleep go??

This week has been a lesson in patience, patience and endurance. We started off the week with Matt's mom leaving and hearing the news that my mom had caught the nasty flu and wouldn't be coming. So I was on my own a week earlier than i had thought i would be. We also started off Monday night with a bought of screaming for two hours strait, for no apparent reason- i guess it must have been something i ate.

Also just a thought on this whole baby has to eat every 3 hour situation-- i'm pretty sure that this type of sleep deprivation is really close to torture methods used at Guantanamo. Seriously lets let you fall asleep for just long enough to start REM sleep and then BAM wake you up with a screaming baby. and lets do it for weeks on end... I might admit to anything you would want me to just to get a good night of sleep. (and everyone warns you about this whole sleep thing beforehand but there is no way to prepare and no way to comprehend until you are in the middle of it all.)

Anywho it suffices to say that by Friday morning at 8 am when he had been crying since 4 i started crying as Matt was walking out the door and he decided it would be best to stay home. He then proceeded to book me a message for Saturday morning which was heavenly. Thanks again to the best husband in the world. I just wish he didn't have to work for the next 4 weeks!
Whoever said being a mom was easy didn't know what they were talking about... wait i don't think anyone has ever said that...

The one thing that makes it all quite bearable is that adorable little face. It must be why God makes babies so dang adorable, so that mom's can make it through the first 3 months.

Just in case any of you are interested i did start a blog for just updates on the little man. Milestones and weekly info for all the family and friends that are expecting every detail- and so this mom can remember things down the road. You can view Max's Adventures by clicking HERE.

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