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Game ON!

I think i mentioned a few posts ago that we started a new diet. (i know i know i'm not supposed to be dieting while nursing, you're only like the 15th person to tell me that) I'm not really a person who normally sticks to any kind of diet, exercise i can get in the habit of, but cutting out certain foods, especially sweets has always been hard for me- hence why i gave up sugar for 3 months last year to try and break the bad habit. However i will say this plan is so different than anything i had ever heard of before and mainly because you do it in a group and its a competition and you put in money and theres a winner, how exciting is that?! In our group there are 20 people- 5 teams of 4, we are on a team with our friends Katie & Anthony and our team name is INitTOwinIT. (we got a little help from Randy Jackson) So i'll give you a little run down of what it entails but if you are interested you should get the book.

Basically you get points for each required thing you have to do each day and then there are penalty points as well. There are certain foods you completely cut out- like sugar, bacon & fatty meat, white flour, mayo, etc. you can go to their website to see a list of foods that are good and ones you can have. You have to eat 5 small meals a day- they can't be less that 2 hours apart or more than 4 hours apart and at each meal you are allowed to have a fist size of carb, a palm size of protein and a thumb size of healthy fat. You also have to drink 3 liters of water a day, Exercise for 20 minutes and communicate with a person on your team and a person on an opposing team. You have to create one new good daily habit and break one bad habit- and do them everyday. You loose points for snacking, changing your daily habits, drinking soda etc. You get one free meal off a week + one free day. You also can have 100 calories of anything you want every day.

You get bonus points each week for loosing 1% of your bodyweight. When we started i had 17 pounds to loose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, (well if i'm honest i probably was 5 pounds heavier than my ideal weight right before getting preggo, but 17 pounds to my ideal weight anyway ) This week is the final week and if i'm honest i'm a little over it, especially since there are Reese's eggs in my pantry, which i can only have 1/2 of one per day - they are 170 calories each! However the results have been pretty amazing, I pretty much fit into my jeans- they are quite tight, but they zip and button and most of my shorts/pants fit perfectly, and i've lost 10 pounds. The little man is 8 weeks so i think thats pretty good, especially considering that for some reason i'm one of those crazy people that gained 50 pounds with child! AH!

So heres to eating healthy for one more week! :) i think we'll keep up the healthy eating, but we might just supplement with Reese's eggs...

I also made a new workout playlist- i've been doing a lot of pilates & self workout videos via the instant netflix-who knew your netflix membership could also count as a gym membership?! Here's the pump up mix:

Teenage Dream, Katy Perry
Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus
California Gurls, Katy Perry
Firework, katy Perry
Superstar, Lupe Fiasco
Loser like Me, Glee cast
Forget You, Glee cast
Hold it Against Me, Britney Spears
Baby, Justin Bieber
If I Ever Feel Better, Phoenix

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