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Spring Fashion

Aren't we cute in our sailor stripes :)

We are currently enjoying lots of sun in Las Vegas and yesterday i was so fortunate to have a few hours away with my fun sister-in-law Sheena to go shopping. I have been waiting and saving for this trip to get some new spring clothes, my favorite time to shop, especially since the post-baby body isn't fitting into a lot of things in my current wardrobe. I told myself right after having Max that i would wait until my 6 week appointment to try on my jeans and weigh myself. I weighed myself a little early because we started a fun diet called Game On with our friends-more about that in another post- but i tried on my old jeans the morning we left and they fit! they were a little tight i'm not gonna lie, but they buttoned and zipped and i was so happy! So mainly what i was shopping for was tops- because the whole nursing situation has made my current shirts waaay to tight, and i found a lot of great buys. First of all the largest forever 21 known to man is here and it took us an hour and half to get through that and then we rushed to zara which is one of my favs and i found a few tops there as well. It was so nice to be out and shopping (and completely unaware that my baby was screaming bloody murder back at Matt's dads house).

We have had our ups and downs on this trip so far- the plane ride was amazing, he slept the entire time and last night he even slept the entire night- a full 8 hours!! However yesterday afternoon-evening was a nightmare he screamed basically non-stop from 2-9 and we went out to dinner which was awful if you ask me, Matt & I had to keep getting up and walking around the casino with him to get him to stop crying, we aren't quite sure what set him off but the poor guy could not get comfortable and i was so flustered by the end of dinner that i didn't even get dessert on my "free" meal. and then today he's been an angel and taken multiple naps and given me plenty of time to read by the pool.

Here are some of my favorites from the spring 2011 runways to inspire your spring shopping! :)

Cynthia Steffe for the full collection click HERE

JCrew for full collection click HERE

Tommy Hilfiger for full collection click HERE

Oscar de la renta full collection HERE

Chloe full collection click HERE

These 3 looks are from Barbara Tfank, who i'm always a fan of which is not surprising i'm sure, you can see the whole collection HERE

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