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Matty is 28!

Last Thursday Matty turned 28! It was a good birthday, we celebrated by doing some shopping, eating at our favorite restaurant- Justus Drugstore, and enjoying cake with Casey, Kylie & Tim. I made a white cake with coconut icing topped with shaved coconut. I think one of Matt's favorite things about this summer is having his brother Casey out here in Kansas City. We have really enjoyed spending so much time with Casey & Kylie and they will be here until the end of July! i'm not sure what we are going to do when they leave- one thing is for sure we need to live in the same place at some point. These brothers are best friends.

Max helped dad open his presents...
Last weekend we went to the Indy 500 (a family tradition) and Casey, Billy & Matt had a great time..
A few weeks ago we went down to Sadlers indoor racing and had some fun. Here are some photos from that weekend...

such good friends.. (p.s we think they should go on the Amazing Race, they would call them "the redheads")

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