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4 Years in a Flash

So its been one of those days today. Little man is finally down for a nap that i'm praying will last more than the other two at a whopping 30 minutes. Just long enough for me to start sanding down a table, be completely covered in dust but not really make that much of a dent in the project... So we decided to run errands, because that always makes him a little bit happier when he's fussy. seriously he likes to be on the go. Well during our target outing i found a great deal on patio chairs- and since we need them for the family coming into town for the 4th i didn't hesitate to buy 6. I thought they would fit fine in my car, didn't even really consider that it would be difficult to get them home... well just be glad you weren't driving behind me on Ambassador as one of them flew out the back of my scion into the road. like i said, its been one of those days.

However yesterday was one of those literally perfect days. It was our 4 year anniversary. Matt took off from work, took the 2 am feeding (because for some reason my baby who was sleeping until 5 am at 10 weeks old has started waking up at 2 and 18 weeks- a mystery to me) then let me sleep in a little bit, and made me breakfast in bed. what a man. We then spent the morning hanging out, opening gifts- he got me that amazing jcrew striped dress i'm wearing in the photos- and then we went down to the plaza and loose park. On our way home we stopped at world market (forgot how much i like that store!) and then we had a babysitter for our dinner reservations at Room 39. It was just a really wonderful easy going nothing too fancy type of day. Max wasn't fussy and loved strolling around the park and the plaza and It was 79 degrees!

We talked at dinner about 4 years of marriage. about how we love that we are adventurous. How we have been hang gliding in Rio, zip lining in Costa Rica, journeying through Europe (walking up the Eiffel Tower) and always finding new little spots to explore right at home. We decided we want to always stay adventurous no matter how crazy life gets. Matt told me he loved that i was always trying new things especially with cooking and i told him a little secret- deep down i'm afraid of becoming a boring person so i'm always trying to do something new. Everyday i am reminded of how i honestly couldn't have found a more perfect person for me. I love my Matty.

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