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Fun with the Fam

So i have been super slow at posting anything lately. Maybe its the 5 month old that is constantly needing something, or the fact that nap times have been totally overtaken with preparation for market in August- either way i know i really needed to get these fun photos up! We had SUCH a wonderful 4th with most of Matt's family here in Kansas City. I can't wait for Max to be big enough to play with his cousins, they are going to have a blast! So here it goes...

there was a lot of frisbee throwing
and swimsuit time

these two are only a few months apart, aren't they so cute!?
Chris climbed a tree...
Madi had so much fun with her uncles
i cooked. alot.
Madi made us all smile and laugh. a lot.
we went to a carnival, it was really hot so we didn't stay long- however it was long enough for brothers to compete in something...

Madi, all smiles the whole weekend. what an ADORABLE girl!
we took some fun photos.

and did some more swimming
and more frisbee-ing...
and of course there were fireworks.

what a fun family. i totally lucked out.

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