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25 is a good number

1. So you think you know about a perfect day? really?? well let me enlighten you on mine.

2. Get your hair cut and colored in a sassy new do the night before so you wake up feeling cute.

3. Sleeping peacefully the entire night because a fabulous husband slept on the couch with baby in a pack-n-play so you dont have to get up to put a binkie back in. blissful.

4. Waking up to mummified door by streamers was especially cute.

5. Then seeing more streamers draped downstairs was even cuter.
6. opening gifts is really fun.

7. especially when its adorable shoes that you didn't pick out and totally love and need and are perfect for the outfits that you were stewing over what shoes to wear with. Even more amazing is that your husband knows you so well that he can pick out the shoes that you yourself would pick out if you went shopping.
8. and then a spa gift card?! really? and i get to go right now!? massage. manicure. pedicure. can i just say heaven. oh and this spa has a Swedish Bath Ritual room that although sounds wierd is just three different hot tubs that you get to "soak" in before your services. delightful.
9. lets top it all off with the watch that you were dieing for. shall we?
10. Spend some quality time with your two favorite boys.

11. Eat lunch at a greasy but delicious local burger joint that you haven't tried before.

12. Use some birthday money and shop for new makeup to make you feel even cuter.
13. Hire babysitter

14. Make a reservation at a swanky restaurant that you haven't ever been before.

15. arrive at said restaurant and realize its in a totally cool and picture worthy part of your city.

16. Stuff yourself with the best italian food you have eaten outside of Italy.

17. Order the nutella dark chocolate and caramelized banana custard. just do it even though you have cake at home.
18. enjoy the ambiance, conversation and company of your very amazing husband.
19. Take some fun pictures while strolling around the restaurant in a warm summers night.

20. Buy yourself a hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting from Bloom bakery in the city market.
21. and invite some fabulous friends over to share it with you.
22. Check your facebook to see that over 50 people wrote on your wall wishing you happy birthday. feel very loved

23. Read the birthday cards that were sent in the mail. feel even more loved.

24. Go in and see your sweet baby sleeping soundly.

25. Kiss that amazing husband who did it all for you goodnight.

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