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Apples Apples Everywhere

I have a friend that told me that she gets apples from a farm north of KC for only $10 a bushel! i couldn't help myself so i told her to get me some when she went this year. I ended up with 2 1/2 bushels- only $25- but seriously enough apples to last a looooong time. It's kind of been a race to get them all prepared in some type of fashion before they go bad. I have diced them and froze them, peeled and sliced for the freezer, and made apple sauce with the most amazing kitchenaid attachment ever. With the last 1/2 a bushel on my counter i plan to make apple butter, apple pie filling and maybe some dinner recipes- apples and porkchops anyone? Needless to say we are going to be eating apples (local, in season apples) for the next year, and for only $25...

I just diced some, after washing them to freezer for oatmeal and what not. Using the sink as a bowl was key when doing so many at a time!

I filled my sinks like this 7 times, i know, that's a lot of apples! Max will have applesauce for the next year!
To make apple sauce it was actually pretty easy. You just wash the apples, the core them with a handy $5 segmenter and then pop them in a pot that is filled with about an inch of water. I was so glad i had a huge pot to use because i just filled it, let it cook and then started saucing.

I used the kitchenaid food grinder and fruit strainer attachment. I already have the food grinder part of the attchment so i just had to order the fruit strainer addition, I think the investment for the attachment is well worth it if you plan on doing apples more than once. After you cook the apples- and make sure they are cooked to where it is soft all the way through, you just use a slotted spoon and transfer then to the "hopper"- the top portion of the attachment- Peel and all, thats one of the best things about using the kitchenaid- no peeling!
Then the strainer poops out the stuff you don't want in your apple sauce. cool huh?
and the good apple sauce falls into the bowl. I personally didn't think that the instructions that came with the attachment were very helpful and i found THIS tutorial online that helped me out. For half of my applesauce i just kept it plain for Max and then the other half i mixed cinnamon and honey into for us. All in all i made 16 jars of applesauce. Since i have a chest freezer i just popped them all in the freezer instead of canning them. I also made THESE wonderful apple peanut butter cookies and THESE apple bars.
Happy Fall!

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