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My favorite kitchen appliance

Now don't get me wrong i love my kitchenaid stand mixer, but lately i've realized how essential a food processor is. We have been pureeing everything from peaches to zucchini for the little man and i am impressed every time at how effortless making baby food is with this miracle of an appliance. I am a big fan of the cookbook Petite Appetit, however once you've done one batch its pretty self explanatory- cook/steam your veggie or fruit and then puree- but its a fabulous reference guide if you're not sure what to make or how to prepare it. i have been freezing most of the food once i make it and i really like THESE small ziplock containers- you can get them at your grocery store- they are super easy to just pop a few in the fridge a few times a week- for Max they are about 2 servings per container. I also used my muffin tins once i ran out of containers and they worked well also. You just put the food in the muffin pan, pop it in the freezer for a few hours, take it out, pop them out and put them in a freezer bag. Really there is NO reason to buy baby food- making your own is easy, way cheaper and healthier for baby! I've been using all the fresh produce from my farmers market.

I also made a big batch of pesto- since basil is so plentiful these days. i just used a basic recipe and it turned out great, i froze the rest in muffin tins which will be perfect for pasta throughout the winter. just another thing the food processor does perfectly.

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