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Helping Friends

My friend Lacey is pretty awesome. She is a crazy good knitter and when i realized that i just wasn't ever going to really take up that hobby i decided to give her all my needles and yarn that i had collected to try and venture there. She made me the most gorgeous ruffle scarf that i really need to take a photo of. So it was nice when she had a project that she needed my help with- sewing some curtains for her very cute living room/kitchen area. It was a fun project and i love the way they make the room pop. One tip i always tell people when hanging curtains is to put your curtain rod well above the window- this makes it look much bigger. You can see how Lacey did that in both rooms and it looks fabulous!
She made the gorgeous flower pillows- i just sewed them together and put a little piping on. She used THIS tutorial to make the flowers.

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