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I've been meaning for a while to blog about one of our new favorite shows. Friday Night Lights. All the seasons are on Netflix instant and we got addicted pretty quickly. I only regret that we didn't watch it when it was on TV, due to low amount of viewers it was canceled after 5 seasons and all i want is a few more episodes- well i would really love a few more seasons to tell you the truth. Matt and i both really enjoyed it, and for those of you who think it's just a remember the titans tv version- its not. sure it's a show about a high school football team, but its more about the characters than anything else. Needless to say when we watched the last episode, which they wrapped up very nicely, a few weeks ago i was sad. Maybe its just me, but whenever we watch tv series on netflix or dvds and watch the episodes back to back to back in a short amount of time i grow really weirdly attached to the characters. They pop up in my dreams and subconsciously i start to think i know them. Which in itself is a little weird, i admit. So how do you think i reacted when star quarterback Matt Saracen got in line next to me at security in the Nashville airport...

yeah. im not kidding. So i'm standing there and i see this guy walk up to get in line and the first think that goes through my mind is "hey i know him" and then "wait. a . second... AH! i KNOW him!! i didn't scream and run up to him or anything but this huge smile came across my face and i'm pretty sure his girlfriend spotted it/me recognizing her bf because she smiled at me. so the whole time im waiting in the security line i'm like gauging if we will come through at the same time- sweating profusely and arguing in my head if i would even go up and talk to him, what would i even say? And then theres the fact that his girlfriend is with him and thats a little awkward anyway, and his line kept moving faster than mine and i just knew he would be long gone by the time i got through. geez. finally i got through security the fastest i have ever- whipping poor Max out of his stroller and shoving it down the belt as fast as i could. I finally got through and put Max back in his stroller in time to see Mr. Saracen's girlfriend getting the double pat down and he walking over a few feet from me to sit down. and get this, someone i know for real from high school was sitting two seats away from him. destiny, i thought to myself. destiny. I walked over started talking to Mrs.Baskin and then turned to him, interrupted whatever he wad doing on his phone and did it. I told him that my husband and i were huge fans of the show and asked him if he would take a photo. he was really nice and talked just like on teh show. i'm a total nerd. i know. but it was really cool. :) i only wish it wasn't a hideous picture of me...

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