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Can you do it?

It's been a rough week around here. Yesterday we spent 12 hours at the Childrens Mercy ER, Max somehow got a sewing needle stuck in his foot that had to be surgically removed. He was a trooper, but we were all exhausted. That happened 3 days after getting the stomach flu- all of us. So yeah, its been super fun around here. Needless to say i need something else to think about, and this challenge has been rolling around in my head for a few weeks now. It's for January. January is such a cleansing month, isn't it? Well this year i want to kick off my year with a spending cleanse, especially following the Christmas shopping craziness i am looking forward to seeing how much we can do without spending any money. I thought i would put the challenge out there and see how many of you want to do it with me? Here are the rules/guidelines/reasons why to do this, I've thought up in my head.

1. Don't spend any money except bills and $50 a week on perishable food- i.e milk, bread, eggs- did you think i was going to make your kids starve?

2. Use what you have. Use your pantry, your freezer, your food storage. Use it!

3. Shop your house. I'm pretty sure i own a general store in my house and i forget about so much. Catalog what you have. Make it work.

4. Make things from nothing. Well not nothing, but all the craft supplies you have. If you don't have a lot come over to my house because i have enough for the rest of ya.

5. Find free entertainment. Play games. Enjoying hibernating, whatever!

Is that enough for ya? and yes i mean no eating out, not even lunch, no running to target or grabbing that magazine at the grocery store, this is a cleanse people! I'm quite excited to see just how much money i can save, and then to translate that into my budget for the rest of 2012. back in 2008 i went a whole year without buying any clothing and it did wonders for my spending habits, heres to hoping this does the same! I'll be blogging about my adventures and telling you all about it, so stay tuned!

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