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a little Christmas decor

I love this time of year. Christmas is one of my favorite Holidays- second only to my birthday, jk. and i love taking down regular decorations and replacing with Christmas ones. Its really fun. I get it from my mom no doubt, that was the dreaded task every year bringing up the boxes and boxes and boxes of decorations, but i sure loved it once they were all up. I swore i wouldn't do it to my kids, and well that's one promise i wont be keeping. :) I love that my living room and kitchen are already painted green, so all i have to do is add red accents and its perfectly Christmas! I am also super excited about the new end tables my friend gave me for free that i refinished- i just need to find new nobs, and i was super excited to find my new lamps at Marshalls. i Love them! To paint them i just sanded them down (well get it done group did that) primed them with oil based primer and then used a flat black paint. I sanded small areas to distress them and then finished those areas off with a wood stain. Aren't they cute?!

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