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Lately i feel like my house is getting smaller, do any of you feel like that sometimes? Well i know that my house isn't getting smaller, and i know for certain it's plenty big for us- the problem is the stuff.  I haven't quite reached the moment in life where I am master over my stuff, in my opinion sometimes the stuff gets the best of me, but lately i've been trying to think of ways to eliminate, get rid of, organize and contain the stuff that fills our life.  The book club i'm in read "The house that cleans itself" last month, i have to be honest i didn't read much more than the 1st chapter because it started depressing me because at that very moment my house was anything but clean, however, i thought the book club discussion was great and it gave me a renewed determination to read the book and clean my house!

All that to say that one of my friends made an observation about the book that i really liked- she said that the author said that every "thing" in your house takes up your time- to clean it, to pick it up, to move it to get to something else, it all takes valuable time- so is it worth it?  Do you need it?  Is there a better home for it?  One thing i did that was a huge step for me was to get rid of the magazine subscriptions.  I know that's like taking away my birthday, right?! Well actually for about a year now (possibly coinciding with having baby) i find that the magazines come every month and i read about 1/4 of them and then they just sit until the next month when the stack doubles, and then triples... and you get it because i don't read them so i don't want to recycle them yet, but they are taking up valuable space!  So did it, i didn't renew anything.  So not all of them have stopped yet, but sometime within the next few months they will, and i'm totally okay with it.  I think the other main reason i'm good with it is because of pinterest, It's like reading all my magazines at once!

The second thing i did just today was get rid of all the dvd cases.  Sometimes i wonder why we hold on to such things- do i really need to see the cover image of Legally Blonde to know i want to watch it? NO, i know i want to watch it- duh, Elle's my favorite.  So why keep things that take up the space of a whole garbage bag that you can fit in something the size of a large book? Done and Done.  You can see the pic below for further illustration. :)

Here's to keeping New Years Resolutions! :)

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