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Pregnant... Again

Quite possibly the best thing to happen to pregnancy since i was last pregnant (which wasn't all that long ago) are these amazing fruit snack prenatal vitamins!  I have a confession to make, last pregnancy i probably only took my vitamin about 5 times- 3 of which i puked directly after.  I hate to swallow pills- especially big pills and all the different prenatal vitamins i found last time were super huge!  These little gems taste like yummy fruit snacks- its a like a little treat i get to have instead of having to choke down something, or just not taking it all together.  :)

And yes we are expecting another little Muir baby August 25th.  Max will be a year and half older than this one and although i know the next few years will be a challenge i think they will be great friends.  Pregnancy has already gone by so much faster this time, probably because i'm chasing around a Mr.Max, and fully involved in my company The Green Bean- i can't believe i'm already 14 weeks! I think August will be here before i know it!

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