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Lately we've been doing a lot of things, all of which have not been documented well, of course.  The first of which is going to the dr.  Its Friday and this is the first day this week that Max has not been to a doc.  Seriously, the poor kid and his ears.  The good news is that it should all end in a week when we get tubes put in his ears to stop all these blasted ear infections.  I can't wait.  I'm so sick of antibiotics, a runny nose, and fussy gus Max.  My wonderful friend McCall came in and i got to have some girl time- which of course was not documented and i've been making bags and shipping them out right and left.  The weather is ahhhh-mazing, all the windows open and enjoying every bit of it.  Here are a few things that were documented...  

Open gym today at a gymnastics gym with some friends.  Max loves running around, actually i dont think my child ever sits down, ever.

 with cute Brooklyn at the gym.
 Wonderful dinner at Bella Napoli with McCall.  Monday night is 1/2 price pizza night! who knew?
 We went to he zoo only to find this at the entrance.  Do you see that mass of people?? they were waiting to get tickets, after waiting 15 minutes in the same spot and fighting with a one year old who desperatley wanted to get out of his stroller i called it quits and we went to the park and out to lunch.  I'll go back to the zoo when the entire world isn't on spring break.
And my big boy all grown up in his big kid car seat.  i can't even believe it.
And i'm not sure if its just a boy thing, or the fact that my son is a daredevil but he finds every possible way to hurt himself.  Case in point below, figuring out how to move his trike so he can then stand up on it and reach things he couldn't before.  He's nuts i tell you!  There is no denying he is his fathers son!

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