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Max's Favorite Things

Lately i have been thinking about all the "stuff" that fills up our house, a lot of it doesn't deserve the space its taking up, but some of it truly does.  I thought i would share a few of Max's favorite things, and well a lot of them are my favorite things for Max.

1. Lift-the-Flap books.  He loves them, he sits (yes actually sits down for a few seconds) and looks through them opening all the flaps to see whats behind. Two of our favorites are Noisy Farm and Who's hiding at the beach

2.  The Keekaroo high chair.  Truly a great high chair, he doesn't slide out, it adjusts as he grows and the tray part is plastic and pops off so i can wash it in the sink after every meal.

3. Kids Camelback waterbottle. Max was alway drinking out of mine, and a friend of mine had a cute girlie one for her daughter so i went to target the other night and found this super cool space one for Max, he's a fan.

4.Baby Bjorn bib.  The ONLY bib you need.  seriously, i wash it after every meal with the tray to my high chair in the sink, its awesome at catching all the food that he spits out or misses his mouth.  1 year olds feeding themselves are such a mess!

5. JJ Cole diaper changing station.  My grandmother gave me this as a gift before he was born and we keep it in our living room and its great.  I love that everything for changing is one place, although that doesn't stop Max from taking all the diapers out and strewing them across the living room when your not watching...

6. Aveeno diaper rash cream. The ONLY diaper rash cream you need.  So we have had quite the bout of diaper rashes over the last several months- a bi-product of all the antibiotics our poor kid has had to take because of a crazy amount of ear infections, and i have tried all the diaper creams.  I like this one because it clears up the rash faster than any other.  Its super duper thick and it works.  I got it as a gift and when we ran out they didn't have it at target so i just ordered the three pack on amazon.

7. JJ Cole Diaper Pod.  Love this thing, mostly because when i'm out running a few errands say to the grocery store, library and target most of the time i really don't want to take the ginormous diaper bag, so i throw this little guy in my purse and off we go.  

8. Tonka dump truck.  Quite possibly his favorite toy.  He loves this thing- pushing it, chasing the dogs with it, using it as a step stool to get up to things he shouldn't...

What are your favorite things for 1 year olds?

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